Road Rally

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OCTOBER 16, 2022

A shortest distance rally is an untimed Road Rally following an undefined route. Instead of the usual route instructions and timing controls, contestants are given a map and a list of waypoints to be visited. Contestants receive penalty points for each mile traversed during the rally. Thus, the goal is to visit all the required sites (waypoints) in the overall time allotted while traversing the shortest distance possible. These waypoints may be visited in any order of your choosing after leaving the start control and prior to your arrival at the finish control. Unlimited use of additional maps, GPS, WAZE, etc. is permitted. The available roads are all public roads in and bordering Indiana County, PA.

You will travel from the start near the Days Inn located along Route 22 in Blairsville and finish near Clem’s Café west of the start. The total allotted time for running this rally is six hours which includes ample time for any short breaks you might require. Awards will be presented around 3:30 PM.

A list of waypoints and a transponder will be issued to you with these General Instructions. Do not leave the area after you have registered as it could cause your transponder to start accumulating mileage. Use this time to begin plotting your route. To begin, you should locate each of the waypoints on the map provided. Next, determine the shortest possible route from the start control to the finish control that encompasses all of the other waypoints. The transponder furnished at registration will record your travel and note your arrival at each waypoint. You will not have any confirmation of having reached the waypoint therefore it is your responsibility to make sure you are at the waypoint described in the list. The rally committee does have the ability to observe the arrival of each transponder on a computer but does not anticipate having to use that information for waypoint verification purposes. Any waypoint not encountered will result in a penalty.

The entry with the lowest score, which is comprised of mileage and penalties, will be the winner.

Your start time from the √∙ sign located near the exit to Route 22 will be 9:00 AM plus your rally car number in minutes (e.g. Car #19 starts at 9:19 AM).

Points will be assessed as follows:

For each 0.1 mile traveled between the start and finish control ,,….. 0.1 point
For each missed waypoint ……………………………………………….15.0 points
For each minute/fraction of a minute late at final control ……….… 2.0 points
(15.0 points maximum penalty for lateness)

Un-sportsmanlike conduct or receipt of a moving violation……….Disqualification

Place the transponder on your windshield so that it has a clear view of the sky. It has self-adhesive attachments for this purpose. The lower right corner is usually the best location. It has its own power source.

It is your responsibility to make sure that your transponder is returned at the conclusion of the rally. Should circumstances prevent your presence at the finish it should be mailed to 3309 Hermar Ct., Murrysville, PA 15668 within 24 hours.

Use caution at all times, you are traveling on public roads and sharing the route with the general public. The roads you will use are scenic, but are at times narrow, twisty and contain blind curves and crests which have limited line of sight. WATCH OUT FOR DEER AND TURKEYS!

Thanks for entering the 2022 Ghost Tracks.

Bruce Gezon – Chairman & Rallymaster – (412)298-2283 Cell
Shawn Smith – Registrar & Chief of Waivers
Bob Morseburg – Safety Steward & Pre-Check
Carol Gezon – Pre-Check