Drivers Meeting

Allegheny Highlands SCCA Auto-x Drivers Meeting.

Please make yourself aware of the basic information provided in this online drivers meeting. An in-person meeting will still continue to happen but will be brief and focused on site/course specific instructions. Thank You.

A basic overview can always be found on the side of the timing van. Questions? ASK!!!

SSS-Know who the Solo Safety Stewards are, report any and ALL incidents or unsafe conditions, no matter how minor.

PLEASE-no use of bicycles, scooters, etc…during course walks please see Section 4.9/6.3 of the SCCA rulebook. They maybe used in Grid/Paddock and also during course setup and tear down as needed, when cars are not moving.


Please put your car into your assigned grid spot promptly when it’s your turn to run. This saves time. If you’re a first heat driver, you can put it directly into grid after you tech your car.

Slow speeds in grid are a must for safety. 5mph tops.

No burnouts or tire warm-ups.

Please do not run off from your car in grid. If you’re not ready to run it holds things up.

No smoking or vaping in grid.

No skateboards, roller skates, etc…

On Course-Worker:

No sitting or kneeling when the course is hot.

Worker with flag is worker with radio. Hold flag unfurled in hand.

Radio protocol: State, “Station one, Car 40, Class (BS) has one cone….is off-course, etc….” Timing will confirm with, copy cone or OC or etc….

Run, don’t walk for a downed cone. Be aware of courses that double back on themselves. NEVER turn your back to a car. Only go for a cone when its safe!!!

No cellphones or cameras on course when working.

Fire extinguishers: PASS, Pull pin, Aim low, Squeeze, and Sweep-side to side.

Watch out for spectators, other workers, intruders into hot area. Report to SSS.

If Incident occurs, hold positions. If we need you, we’ll call for you. NO taking of video or pictures of incident. SSS will perform this duty.

Watch the cones, NOT the cars. Wiggle/Wobble can occur with cones. Give everyone a fair run.

If you drive in the event, that means you work the event. NOT optional unless you have specific needs. Those MUST be addressed to the Solo Chair BEFORE the event starts. We can find you alternative accommodations for your work assignment. Working is part of the sport with the SCCA.

Starter/Grid workers: Helmets on, hoods shut, fluids dripping, unsafe conditions….???

Cone Stuff:

Cone hit equals 2 second penalty. Pointer cones-those laying down to indicate direction of travel, are NOT a penalty. ONLY cones that are upright, that get knocked over or outside the  box.

See diagram.

Other penalties: DNF=did not finish-fails to go thru the finish lights, hits red cones at finish, etc….

Off Course=Driver did not follow proper course of travel and missed a segment of the course, could anything such as a gate or slalom cone, etc…

On Course-Driver: 

Spin on course/out of control: Don’t be a hero, clutch in, brake in, to stop the spin. Get your bearings and continue to finish the course.

No drugs or alcohol.

Passengers-Must have signed the waiver and passenger form, no hand held cameras, hands INSIDE the car at ALL times, must have a helmet on. Can borrow a loaner BUT precedence is given to drivers that need them.

Red Finish Cones=DNF if hit

Red Flag=STOP on course, if you’re the cause. NO re-run. If not, you’ll get a re-run. Await instructions from course workers before proceeding.

Windows up or down, NO half windows.

Camera’s must be mounted securely via suction cup or roll bar mount or similar secure device.


Other Tidbits:

Please do NOT hound the van during runs. It can be chaotic. If you have a concern about your run, please refer to our Live Timing via our website at or see the Solo Event Chair.

Novice Helpers: Are available to help you the novice with any need you have. Please utilize these folks. They are knowledgeable and willing to help. They will be ID’ed the day of the event.

If you’re a novice please let Registration/Check-In and Tech know this.