Driver’s Challenge

AHR’s – Driver’s Challenge

A Participation and Performance driven event.  The more events you attend and the higher in class you finish, the better the odds of being invited.

Here are the rules:

1.  Each event points are based as follows:  1st place-200, 2nd place-190, 3rd place-180 and each subsequent lower finish reduced by ten (10) points.

2.  Driver must compete in greater than 50% of the years scheduled events.  Ten (10) events, needs six (6) events to qualify,  Nine (9) need five (5), ect. (There is no dropping of events, as all you need to qualify is make greater than 50% of the scheduled events)

3.  All events count towards (except for the day of the Driver’s Challenge) qualifying for Driver’s Challenge. The more you compete, the better the odds.

4. In the event of a tie, the day of the “AHR’s  – DRIVER’S CHALLENGE” that days event will be the tie breaker, the winner of the class moving on.

5.  The “AHR’s –  DRIVER’S CHALLENGE” will be conducted at the end of the days event.

A. Not at the beginning nor in between heats as this gives the D/C drivers and edge (drove the course) over other class drivers participating in that day’s event. Can also complicate things in the event of a tie.

B.  This will also allow D/C drivers to run in their choice of heat(s) and put experienced members (as workers) on the course with those of less experience.