2021 Driver’s Challenge


AHR 2021 season will see a Driver’s Challenge implemented during Event #8. 16 Drivers, consisting of an averaged top 10 PAX drivers and 6 lottery selected food drive donators, will compete for the title of Driver Challenge winner. Said Driver’s Challenge will be competed in a vehicle TBD.


At the end of Events 1-6, top 10 PAX will be taken into consideration for Event 8 Driver’s Challenge. Each PAX position will be assigned a numerical point value in descending order, IE; PAX position number 1 will receive 10 points, PAX position number 2 will receive 9 points, and so on until PAX position number 10 receives 1 point. Only 10 points positions will be awarded entry into Driver’s Challenge at Event 8.

Food Drive Donations

After Event 6, and before Event 7, six (6) individuals will be awarded entry into the Driver’s Challenge at Event 8 based on lottery. Entrance to said lottery will be awarded by tickets acquired from canned good donations during Events 1-6’s food drive. For each item donated (canned goods, boxed dry goods, etc.…) one ticket will be given to the donator. Your name will have to be written on each ticket and one half placed into the can. At the immediate conclusion of each event one ticket will be drawn from the can. That person will be in the Drivers Challenge.
This process will be done for each event up to event number six.
If winner is not present, contact will be initiated with a timely response being required to reserve Driver’s Challenge spot. If timely response does not occur, a 2nd ticket will be pulled before and so on until Driver’s Challenge spot is reserved.

Driver’s Challenge Prize