2022 Driver’s Challenge


AHR 2022 season will see a Driver’s Challenge implemented during the October 15th event. Drivers Challenge participants will be determined by who is leading their class at the conclusion of the September 24th event.
With the following stipulations:
1. Class leader must have attended 5 events.
2. Minimum of 3 participants in the class
3. After event 2 (May 21st) you must be decided on a class to run. IF you want to participate (in Drivers Challenge) and it appears after 2 events that not enough people are running that class for it to be eligible for the Drivers Challenge, you must bump up a class until you get one with enough participants. It is up to the competitor to make this change after the 2nd event if they so choose.

On the day of the Drivers Challenge, run order will be determined by drawing.
Each driver will get 2 runs back to back in the Drivers Challenge vehicle.
Five minutes between drivers in the vehicle. No changes to vehicle is allowed by drivers-ex. Changing tire pressures.

Driver’s Challenge will be competed in a vehicle TBD.

Driver’s Challenge Prize