Saturday August 8th is our event at Jimmy Stewart Airport in Indiana, PA.


Registration is open, see here-
Few things: We will be doing walk up registration but Motorsports Reg is preferred method.
Check-In and Registration will be OUTSIDE the Terminal. Not inside as in the past.
The bathrooms will be available inside, we are trying to limit the number of folks inside the terminal.
Finally, if your used to Greensburg Jeanette, Jimmy Stewart Airport is allowing up to utilize a portion of their apron in front of the terminal building. Not the runway, so its similar in size to North Hills or Wyotech. I just don’t want anyone to have unrealistic expectations. Time to polish those technical course and tight driving skills.


Set up starts at 7:00AM
Registration and Tech Opens at 9:00 am Closes at 10:30 am
Drivers Meeting 10:40 am
First Car off at 11:00 am
Members $35-Walk up——> $32 for MSR registration
Non-Members $50-Walk Up Includes Non-Member Weekend Membership Fee——-> $47 for MSR Registration
Please note the small increase in event fees. This is due to the cost of using MSR and the costs of renting the site,etc…
Please practice and use good judgement during this pandemic situation.
Please bring your own water and food.
Heats will be assigned as will grid spots and work assignments.
This will be posted before the event on Facebook, the website, and on the timing van-day of. One on each side of the van. Please do NOT congregate around the van in numbers.
If your co-driving a car and wish to be in the same heat. This needs to be addressed when you register. Please send a message to the registrar.
The 2020 Points Chase is on and this includes a Novice Class.
2020 Driver’s Challenge is accepting donations of non-perishable foods for chances in the challenge.
You need five events this year to be eligible for any year end points chase in your class.
Hope to see you there and hope it’s much COOLER. I’m still sweating from the July 5th event!!!
******Please see MAP for some details******
Please DO NOT park in the No Parking or Yellow areas.
Green lined area might be a good place for trailers/other parking.
Please note where the Check-In/Registration is-outside where the Civil Air Patrol would have their food tent during normal times….
Please do not go into the terminal unless you need to use the restroom.
******Registration will close on Wednesday the 5th at 6:00PM for pre-registration****** We will be taking walk-ups.
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