Well everyone now that we are making more changes ….sigh…. and are now going to be in the Green Phase by the time our June events roll around we can revise our previous announcements.

We have added one event day on June 13th and the other previously scheduled event day June 14th . So June 13th and 14th begin our 2020 season. Both event days will be at Greensburg Jeanette Airport. However, these event days will be conducted different from previous AHR events.

Both event days will have a morning session and an afternoon session. Each session will have two heats. Each session is capped at 30 drivers. We are doing this to limit the number of people on site due to COVID-19. This should allow lots of seat time for those who want it and lots of opportunity to have fun and keep safe for everyone.Please note if we do not get close to the cap for each session we may cancel a session for example if the Sunday afternoon session only has 10 people sign up for it. I doubt this will happen but just in case.

Please note if we do not get close to the cap for each session we may cancel a session for example if the Sunday afternoon session only has 10 people sign up for it. I doubt this will happen but just in case.

No guests or spectators. Drivers ONLY!

Registration will open June 1st at 7:00 PM. You can sign up here at AHR-SCCA Motorsports Reg We are doing ONLINE registration ONLY. However, if you show up before 9:00 AM in the morning we can register on-site via your Smartphone via Motorsports Reg.  Participants can sign up for one session or all four if you like. The course will not change from morning to afternoon session but will from Saturday to Sunday.

If you are an ACTIVE AHR member and you WANT to be guaranteed a spot in one or any of the sessions, please contact t Shawn Bauman directly BEFORE registration opens. Email : smb93lt@gmail.com

Members $30 per session not per day.
Non-Members $45 Includes Non-Member Weekend Membership Fee per session not per day.

The days will go as follows approximately:

Set up starts at 6:30 AM

Morning Event-Registration/Wavier and Tech Opens at 9:00 am Closes at 10:30 am

Drivers Meeting 10:45 am
First Car off at 11:00 am

Afternoon Event-Registration/Wavier and Tech Opens at 2:30 PM Closes at 4 PM. Approximately.
First car off around 4 PM.
Finish around 6:30 PM.
*************DO NOT SHOW UP TO THE SITE BEFORE 2 PM at the EARLIEST if you’re in the AFTERNOON event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***************

Procedures and Policies:
No food or water is available on site due to COVID-19. Please bring your own. Porta-Potty will be available. 6 foot social distancing must be maintained at all times.

Please no guests or spectators per SCCA, however immediate household members are OK, providing they have proper PPE and adhere to 6 foot rule from others.
Ride alongs are OK, ONLY if you drove to the site with a co-driver or a household member, OR both passenger and driver agree to it, choose wisely. Masks required even with helmets, see 6 foot rule.
Help for Novices will be available with ride alongs, everyone in the car will be required to wear a mask, see 6 f99t rule.

Masks will be required to be worn outside of cars at all times.

Hand Sanitizer, Wipes, and Lysol are available for use if you so choose.​ ALL common handled items like radios, pens, flags, etc…will be wiped down between users. NO ONE is to be in or around the timing van unless you are assigned to that worker station.

Loaner helmets are available-however it is yours for your heat and YOU only. Helmets will be disinfected between users. In order to use a loaner helmet you will need to use a head sock, they are available.

Waivers will be handled at Registration, wrist bands will be on clip boards, please only touch the one you are taking. All pens will be sanitized between uses, EVERYONE will have to sanitize their hands before touching anything near Registration. We will have hand sanitizer available.

Tech will be self-tech under supervision of Tech Inspector. Rules will be posted on the bulletin board as usual or online at https://www.scca.com/pages/solo-cars-and-rules & https://www.scca.com/articles/1997602-solo-tech-101-before-you-show-up.

Season Tech maybe helpful to you and others If you want a season tech you must be a current SCCA member and trustworthy. The cost is $5 for the season tech, payable when you request the season tech. Please copy, paste, and print/fill out and bring this form to tech with you. http://ahr-scca.com/?page_id=2218

Grid spots and the drivers meeting will be conducted via the PA system. Please listen and pay attention to all announcements via PA during the day.

Please bear with us during this time and hope to see you there!!

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